How to get people to open your emails

Posted By full360m_admin on Nov 22, 2016 | 0 comments

The Perfect Email


To gain a higher open rate your email campaign needs to be personalized. How do you do that? You categorize your audience. The more targeted each email list is, the more likely your emails will be opened. You will be able to cater your emails to each small number of recipients. Another important part of the email is the subject line. The first thing people will see is the subject line. No matter how targeted the inside of your email is, it will not be opened without a great subject line. Using numbers in your subject line increase open rates by 57 percent. Also if your subject line has between 6-10 words its chances of being open is 21 percent. If you are promoting a product using the words “free” or “exclusive” will help. Other key words are polite, I mean words like “sorry,” “please,” and “thank you”. If you don’t feel like being polite negative words also have a higher opening rate. If you are talking about the “best” change it to the “worst”. If all else fails, include the receipt’s name in the subject line. Grab your recipient’s attention and add your company’s name or yours as the sender. They will trust the email if they see it is from you.

The Perfect Time

Now that your content is set and personalized you have to send your email at the perfect time. If your email is not opened within the first hour of being delivered, its chances of being opened begin to decrease. The best days to send your emails are Tuesdays and Saturdays. The times when most emails are opened are 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. This information is based on an overall study. This may not work for your campaign. Always check your own insights based on your audience.

The Perfect Sender

You don’t want to create the perfect email and send it at the perfect time to later realize it was never delivered. When an email is sent it has to go through a gateway and a spam filter. There are a couple of things you can do to insure your email is delivered to the recipient. You can add a footer asking recipients to add your email to their contacts list. This may not always work if gateway or the spam filter find the email untrustworthy. How do you fix that? Try not to use a new IP address or domain name. The younger those are the more alert spam filters become. Build your reputation by authenticating your IP address and domain name. You can always use to check your email before you send it. This app will tell you if your email will bypass the gateway and spam filters.
Increase your email open rates by tweaking little things. Always check your insights to make sure your changes are working.