About 360

At OMS Technologies, Inc., our focus has always been – Innovating the way people work and live. Through our family of companies, we look for new and better ways to help businesses improve in every way possible. Starting in 1999, our success and drive have fueled our development of innovative products and addition of new OMS companies.


Today we are proud to introduce Full 360 Marketing. Although we have long offered Marketing and Public Relation services though OMST Services, it became clear that our ever-growing list of business services deserved its own brand.  It was time to redefine ourselves. The name Full 360 Marketing embodies our tireless effort to do anything and everything to help our clients’ businesses grow. By looking at the whole picture, we can better evaluate their needs, allowing us to take them from their current state to a much higher level.  Creating interest, drawing in new clients, and most of all simplifying and leveraging the workload through technology.


Our Passion: helping small to medium size businesses regain their passion, restructure if needed, and engage with the public for new and ongoing business.  We accomplish this through a Business Analysis, Marketing Strategy, and then implementation of your Marketing Plan.  Because we offer an end-to-end service, we can assist you with the plan, or handle it for you.


We have always provided complete and total marketing solutions for all of our clients. Today, “Full 360” embodies our tireless effort to do anything and everything to help our clients grow.


Our Goal: to make your business far more successful than it is now.  That’s our goal.  You choose how to work with us.  You can elect education and training – so you are able to do your own marketing.  Or opt for us to handle everything.


Our Promise: To give you the help and support you need, while helping you move along your path to success – in order to help you reach or exceed your personal and business goals.