The Team

David McIntosh
  • Coffee Drinker 95%
  • Order Giver 10%
  • Always on the phone 10%
  • Gets over 1000 emails a day 25%
  • Most Stylish 85%

David McIntosh

Web Designer/ Coding Patient beyond words Research Developer

David is smart and adept with all things technical. He readily analyzes and solves issues related to coding, mobile development and website issues. David credits his experience and know-how in web design to the two years he attended Moore Norman Technology Center.

David is presently attending Oklahoma City Community College. His goal is to gain his degree in business in 2016 – and to continue working for OMS Technologies. At 360 Marketing, David plays a significant role in our client’s marketing through his knowledge and strategic use of web design.

Agi Lurtz
  • Coffee Drinker 60%
  • Order Giver 75%
  • Always on the phone 55%
  • Gets over 1000 emails a day 99%
  • Most Stylish 75%

Agi Lurtz

Founder / President & CEO

Agi Lurtz was born in Duluth, Minnesota and moved to Norman, Oklahoma at an early age. The sixth of seven children, Agi credits the high expectations of her parents for her success as an adult. She earned her degree from the University of Oklahoma, completing her 7 year degree in 4 years.

A serial entrepreneur, she founded her first company while still in High School and entered the information technology market in 1982. Even then, she looked for ways to make things better, safer, simpler, easier and more efficient. She conceived the basic protocols for one of the first EHRs during a decade of caring for her ailing father.

OMS Technologies, Inc. was created to lead a family of companies, the newest of which is Full 360 Marketing. Her love and passion for helping others start and grow their business was the precipice of this new division.

Agi is not afraid to put in the hours it takes to make a business a success. Her typical work day begins before 5am, and often stretches until nearly midnight. In a volunteer capacity, she serves on 5 Advisory Committees for Moore-Norman Technology Center. She served as president for The Exchange Club in Norman for 5 consecutive years. She has been an active member of several different Chambers of Commerce. She is a long time active member of the Norman Kiwanis Club. She is an award-wining member of Toastmasters international, and enjoys public speaking. She’s also an adjunct professor for Moore Norman Technology Center.
Agi has a true drive and passion for helping others. Once she is committed to a client, she is all-in. And rarely is that contained in an 8-5 work schedule. She is fiercely protective of her clients and staff, and goes the extra mile to make things happen as they should. Her success is directly connected to the success of others. More than anything, she brings a vision of what can be and the determination to make that vision a reality.

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Masters Degree in Marketing Masters Degree in Public Relations PhD in Fluid Dynamics

I might be the official Mascot for Full 360 Marketing, but I’m also the guard dog. You never know when some one will try to sneak into the building and “borrow” our ideas. After all my team is very creative and original.