Best Practices for Increasing your Business Influence Utilizing Social Media

Posted By full360m_admin on Oct 6, 2015 | 0 comments

How do you increase your business’ influence on social media? The most important thing to do is probably the most obvious – post fresh, interesting and engaging content. Utilize a strategy for posting content on Social Media.

Be calculating in what you post, when you post it and where you post it. The time of day, the platform and the type of information you plan to post all should be taken into consideration before you engage.  Don’t just make random announcements or shout-outs.  Some announcements can aid in helping your business grow, however if that is all you post, don’t be surprised when you don’t get the retweets/shares you had hoped for.

Some humor may be appropriate, just be very careful not to make the post anything which could offend someone, or groups of people.  Talk about a fast Business Killer. If killing your business or at least cutting it in half is your goal, then go ahead and make posts about Politics, Religion, and anything controversial. You are sure to ruffle feathers and lose current and potential clients

Do use good images.  They catch the eye and make the post more appealing.  Often a good photo or graphic is what drew them in first, not the content.  Just remember whatever got them to read your post, make it worth their while. The ultimate goal is to make your posts as interesting as possible to encourage people to do something (share, click the link, etc.).

Finally, don’t be afraid to reach out to people who have influence. Go ahead and Comment, Like, Retweet, and Mention people. But remember this … If your interest isn’t genuine, it will not work.  At the very least it will end annoying people. So show genuine interest in someone and talk to them, after all that’s what puts the word Social in Social Media.